April 21, 2015

Show & Tell Tuesdays

I'm linking  up with Andrea from Momfessionals for my very first Show & Tell Tuesdays. I'm not sure why, but I've always been obsessed with baby names, so this is the perfect subject for me! :) Both times I was pregnant, we've had our baby names picked out even before our anatomy scans. Most everyone else I've ever talked to, usually has a tough time picking names, but not us. Usually how it happens, is I throw a name out there, Chad loves it and then refuses to veer from that name. I'm sure I could trump him if I wanted (being that I'm the one who is pregnant ;) but we've always just stuck with our original.

Maybe my "name obsession" started because I have such an unusual name. My full name is Brenden Lauren Pokorny (maiden name Hastings). I have never in my 29 years of life met another girl named Brenden before. When I was little it would occasionally bother me that I didn't have normal girls name like Ashley or Jennifer. But as I got older, I started to really appreciate the uniqueness of my name and now I love it!! My friends and family all call me Bren which is a little more feminine, especially since Brin or Brynn is becoming a more common girls name. We even have a neighbor who has a little girl names Brinley!

I get asked a lot about how my parents came up with Brenden for me, and my mom always told me that my dad wouldn't agree on anything else! That, and they also liked unique names. They definitely hit the nail on the head! My mom said she really liked the name Paige, but it was all meant to be because Paige Pokorny is kind of a mouth-full! ;)

Chad's name is Chad Steven. (Sidenote: Chad and my sister's husband Randall have the same middle name, but Randall spells it with the ph.) Of course over the years I've asked his mom where he got his name, and she said they just really liked it. When I was younger, I always thought Chad was a "hot guy's" name, haha!

Ok, onto the kiddos...

When I was pregnant with Graham, we were tossing around baby names, and I suggested Graham because when I was in high school, I worked in the church nursery and there was a little baby named Graham who was my little buddy. His parents always said how much he loved me, and I would hardly put him down. Chad loved the name right away, so then I came up with Edward. I may have been in the middle of my Twilight fixation back then, but Edward is also a family name. Chad's grandfather's name was Guy Edward, and my dad is Glenn Edwin. so the G with the Edward worked out perfect! We had his name all ready to go when the ultrasound tech said "It's a boy!!!" I still love it just as much as I did back then and we've gotten a TON of compliments on it over the years. I feel like we gave him a good, strong, classic name. Perfect for our wonderful son!!

With Claire, we had already had the middle name in mind... actually we had Claire's middle name picked out waaaay before any of their other names! Chad proposed to me in Addison up by Dallas, since we were living in the Dallas area at the time. A few days after we got engaged, we were sitting on his couch in his apartment, and I said how cute it would be if we named our daughter's name Addison or middle name Addison one day in honor of our engagement story. So, we've alway said if we ever had a girl, we would work Addison into her name somehow. :) As for her first name, originally we had always talked about naming our daughter Reese. Though the years, though we knew a few people who had named their daughter's Reese, so we had nixed that. Claire is a name I've always loved. I love how it is one syllable, (like Graham) classic and feminine. Claire just seems like a sweet, classy girl to me. :) It fits her perfectly. Funny how that happens!

March 20, 2015

Hello, Spring

In case you haven't checked Google today, it's the first official day of spring!! I seriously love spring. As far as seasons go, I really love all of them! I especially love the beginning of each season. That first crisp fall morning...the first time I hear Christmas songs each December... that first hot summer day at the beach... but I just have a soft spot for SPRING! Easter is in spring, our sweet Claire was born, my birthday is in April, the weather is actually enjoyable to spend outside but not too insanely hot yet, the flowers are blooming, the grass is getting green again, and down here in Texas, pool season officially begins! Even our town is called Spring. What's not to love?!

Another reason I love Spring?? Spring Cleaning. I don't think there's anything better than a sparkling clean, organized house. And nothing stresses me out like my house being a wreck. I'm also in the mode of redecorating the house. After being here almost 2 years, I think I finally have an idea of what I want each space to look like! Spring cleaning will be the perfect way to clean the slate. I made this checklist for my spring cleaning this year. Call me crazy but it seriously makes me happy checking those little white boxes. Here's hoping I have an organized house by Monday!!

March 19, 2015


On March 19, 2012 at exactly 11:44 am you came into the world!! Since that minute, you have brought nothing but joy to our lives. You are such a blessing, sweet girl. Claire means "illustrious, bright, clear" and you are most definitely the light of our lives. I pray that you grow to have the light of Christ with you, and shine His light to all who know you. We thank God for you every day, sweet Claire. You are all I imagined, hoped for and prayed for in a daughter. Even down to your gorgeous deep brown eyes. We love you, Claire Bear!!!


You at Three:

You are such a great talker, you've been speaking in full sentencing for a year now! Although, recently, you've been pointing at things and grunting, but when I tell you to use words, you'll say something like "Momma, can you please get me my baby doll from my room?" Haha. In short, you're a complete mess and I think you love being the baby of the family.

You are so funny!!! You love to make us laugh, you are always doing a goofy dance, or singing a princess song. The crazy faces you make are hilarious, and you can be a bit dramatic, just like the rest of your crazy family!

You are NOT potty trained yet. You were doing so great, and even going to school in panties, but after a bout with a stomach virus, we're back to square one. Your times, up though because mommy will be taking away the pull-ups in the very near future! When I told you you'd be in big girl undies when you turn three, you looked at me and said "Mmm, I don't think I want to turn three." Oh, Lord!

You love princess movies, and barbie Rapunzel! You love playing with your dolls, and I'll find them in the middle of the living room or on the couch covered up with blankets often. Such a good little momma :) You'll also hand me one of your babies and tell me to "shush" them, so cute!

You know ALL the colors, can count to 18 consistently, you can dress yourself and put your shoes on.  You love to wear your Anna Coronation dress, and will say "Momma, can I play dress up at your house?" So funny! Your favorite food is cupcakes, and your favorite colors are pink and purple!!! You love lipgloss, nail polish and all things girly.

Graham, or Bubba as you call him, is your best friend. You love him so much, but he does make you cry a lot! But he loves taking care of his little sister, and you love him a lot. Y'all sleep in the same bed every night, until you both make it down stairs to our room, that is.

You are so tender-hearted and if we get onto you about anything, you pout and say "You're mad at me." It's pretty ridiculous. You know how to work the system.

You love to sing, dance, color and you have a great imagination! You play really well by yourself a lot, and can keep yourself entertained.

We can't wait to see everything you learn this year, and more of the little girl you're quickly becoming!!! You're a big girl, now!!





March 2, 2015

Monday Meal Prep

Julia Child would've loved me. Just sayin'. 

When I was pregnant with Claire I started doing a Weekly Dinner Menu. I loved it! It made my week so much easier and saved me a ton of time, money and stress! I loved not having to scrounge around for dinner ideas at the last minute.

Last week, we ended up eating out more than usual and I don't think I cooked once. So over the weekend, I decided to do a meal plan and maybe even designate each day of the week for a particular meal, and just switch up the recipe for a little variety each week. :)

Here's what I came up with:

My plan is to just use this as a template, and switch up the recipes and meals each week! 
Here's what we're having this week. Almost every meal is something that is tried and true, so it should be pretty easy to stick to this meal plan! Here's hoping my family doesn't starve this week, and I get extra wife and mom points. ;) 

Tuesday: Chilean Sea Bass Tacos with Chipotle Cream Sauce, Quinoa, Steamed Veggies

Thursday: Turkey Burgers, Sweet Potato Fries and Salad

Friday: Make Your Own Pizza Night

Saturday: Steak Fajitas, Rice and Black Beans

How do you meal prep for the week? Any favorite recipes I should add to my weekly rotation? 

February 6, 2015

Happy Friday!!!

Today is my first day linking up with Friday Favorites! I've been loving this series for a long time, but I am just now getting around to joining in on the fun. :) I've done a lot of pinning lately, especially home decor. One of our top goals this year is adding some upgrades and customizing our house. I'm so excited! It could be all of the Fixer Upper episodes we have been watching that got Chad on board, but hey--whatever works, right!? 
This week, I'm loving navy as an accent color! It just seems so classic, but fresh at the same time. And I love that it will go with every season and really add an unexpected pop of color. Most of our walls are Sherwin Williams Requisite Gray, and while I love it, after living with it for about 8 months, I think we need to infuse some more color into the house. 

I'm thinking we'll paint Chad's office a rich shade of Navy. Chad loves this color too, and our floors are similar in shade to the picture here, so I think it will look amazing! 

Our powder room (which is next to Chad's office) is currently Gauntlet Gray by SW. I really wanted a dramatic look for it, but it just didn't have the right effect I was hoping for. I think what would really pack a fun but gorgeous punch would be this floral wallpaper from Designers Guild.
Possibly with a gold framed mirror and some gold accessories. 

Obsessing over these monogrammed towels also:

A gorgeous navy sofa would tie it all together in the family room. 

I've been debating between getting a leather sofa or not because it would be more practical with the kiddo's, but Chad really wants a leather chair. I like mixing fabrics, so I don't want all leather.

Navy might be the perfect solution! 

{All Pinterest pictures}

Right now I've got a bad case of the fever... puppy fever!! I am in love with these two breeds!



Aren't they precious?! They are similar breeds, and shed very little! They have personalities like labs, are very intelligent, easy to potty train, great with kids and very playful but not yippy. They even like to swim! Sounds like the perfect puppy to me. Now all I need to do is convince Chad ;)
Ok, I know I'm way late to the game, but we just got Netflix around Christmas, and we've been binge-wathcing Friday Night Lights. We had never seen a single episode before, and Chad and I are both hooked. We just started season 3... What can I say? I love a good teen drama! Now if only Dawson's Creek were on Netflix.....

Which brings me to my next favorite, our new Roku

My sister and her husband have Cards Against Humanity and we play it every time we visit them in Austin. The name doesn't lie, it is a party game for horrible people. It's so terrible that it's hilarious, and we can't stop playing it. Although we probably should. 

I'm loving these flush mount lights from Shades of Light to replace all the "boob" light fixtures around our house! They have a ton of gorgeous options, and plenty under $100. We only have about 3  of those little boob lights, but they have got to go. 

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and I'm all about these adorable printables 

Whew! I am SO glad it's Friday, we've had a crazy week, along with a tummy bug attack our house , and way too much time indoors.  We are ready for a fun (and hopefully, healthy) weekend!