November 13, 2008

Officially Mr. and Mrs.

On November 7th, 2008 Chad and I were hitched!! We are very happy, being married is wonderful! Our wedding was absolutely amazing and everything we dreamed it would be. Everyone kept coming up to us and saying what a fun time they were having. We got so many compliments on everything from the food to the D.J. During the ceremony I had a lot of trouble keeping my composure! I did not think I would get that emotional, but it snuck up on me anyway :) Everyone was dancing until the end and we left as our guests threw rose petals at us. All the hard work and months of planning paid off. I will be sure to post more pictures soon!

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BC Bassi said...

Whoopee! Brenden has a blog! Nice picture. :) Brian took that. He did good, didn't he. I can't wait to see some more. You guys got lots of compliments because it really was a great wedding. We had tons of fun. Your DJ was so funny. And I just loved the shoe thing. Too cute.