November 14, 2008

Our First Week of Marriage

Well, it's been 1 week since Chad and I were married and I must say, so far married life is treating us very well!! We are settled into our apartment together, which is not looking exactly as I would want because we both have so much crap! Our lease is up in January though, so after we move into a new place, we are going to break out all our wedding gifts and use them to make our house beautiful!! I can't wait until we have some nice furniture and I can really make our place look nice. We didn't get any of our bedding yet, so that might be a possible christmas present. I'm really excited that we get to spend the holiday season this year as a married couple. It's going to be so fun starting our new traditions and spending time with our families together.

Last night, me and Chad went to see 007 Quantum of Solace which was great, by the way. The first ever James Bond movie we saw was Casino Royale and we loved it! Chad and I had just started dating when it came out, so it was neat to go see the sequel together now that we're married!

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BC Bassi said...

That will be nice to have a real home. We are still waiting for that. One day. Glad the movie was good. I remember when we were first married. Movies, out to dinner, crazy spur of the moment trips, and sleeping end late. That was a fun time! :)Glad your first week was a good one. Oh, and I like your new background.