November 23, 2008

Life as a Newlywed

Our wedding pictures were finally posted Tuesday and they turned out pretty good overall, you can check them out at and then just click on hastings-pokorny! I am so excited to pick out our favs and make an album that we can keep forever. This weekend Chad left me all on my own to go hunting for the first time this year. I guess this is a little taste of my new life as the wife of a hunter/fisherman. He did kill a pretty big buck though so that made him super happy. This morning I went to church solo and took a shoebox filled with toys for a little boy that they are sending around the world for Christmas for kids in 3rd world countries. I wrote them a little note and enclosed our address and a picture of me and Chad so hopefully we will get to hear from our little kid who got our present. I love my hubby so much, he promised to take me to see Twilight tonight since he left me for hunting this weekend. I just finished the book last night and it really kept my attention. I think I'll read the whole series and I hope the movie is good! I am so excited for Thanksgiving Thursday!! Chad and I are headed to Tyler to spend it with my fam. He has never come with me before so that will be fun. I will try to post some pics of us after Thanksgiving. I put in my 2 weeks notice at work this week b/c me and Chad are headed back to the Houston area when he graduates in December. We are so excited to be able to be close to friends and family again soon!!

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BC Bassi said...

I loved the pictures! I looked at all 700. Your wedding was beautiful. I can't believe you already finished the Twilight book. Wow, that was fast. And two week notice already. Yea! I'm so excited you guys are moving down here. :)