December 13, 2008

30 Before 30

Strikethrough = Completed       Italics= In Progress   Red= Attempted but not completed
  1. Go to College
  2. Live alone
  3. Have an amazing job
  4. Get Married
  5. Buy a House
  6. Have 2 Children
  7. Go to NYC with Chad
  8. Go to California
  9. Travel to the Caribbean with Chad
  10. Travel to Europe
  11. Live in another place
  12. Figure our what my "style" is in the home
  13. Be a stay-at-home mom
  14. Travel to Hawaii
  15. See the Red Wood Forest
  16. Go on a camping trip with my family
  17. Learn how to cook well
  18. Become a stronger Christian
  19. Document my married life/ pregnancy/ raising children
  20. Have the perfect kiss
  21. Go on a completely spontaneous road trip
  22. Go to Disney World with my hubby/kids
  23. Visit Canada
  24. Experience pregnancy
  25. Learn how to garden
  26. Read the entire Bible
  27. Learn how to sew
  28. Go to a Carrie Underwood concert
  29. Breastfeed my children for at least 6 months 
  30. Learn how to play an instrument (guitar or piano)

December 5, 2008

My sister is ENGAGED!!

My big sister, Meredith just got engaged last night! Well, technically they were engaged a while ago and are well on their way to planning the wedding. It was a sudden engagement and wedding seeing as I only got married less than a month ago, but we are all so excited for her! We love her fiance, he is an amazing and sweet guy and they are a perfect match. The wedding will take place in Austin where they live on January 2nd at The Mansion on Judges' Hill. It is a beautiful location! She got her ring last night because it had to be custom made and it is gorgeous! I can't wait to see it tonight when she comes in town for her bridal shower tomorrow. So much to do, so little time! Congratulations Meredith and Randall! We love you!!
Me and Mer and Mer's gorgeous bling!

December 2, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008!!

So this year was the first year that Chad went to Thanksgiving with me in Tyler. My moms side of the family gets together there every thanksgiving and we usually only see that side of the family once a year. Although several of them did come to my wedding which was so sweet of them! But alot of them were meeting Chad for the first time. Chad and my cousin Matt really hit it off talking about hunting and all other boy stuff. We had a really good time visiting with family and eating lots of yummy food!!

This was from the year before, we didn't end up
taking a group picture this year

Me and my cousin Matt

The boys playing cards and smoking cigars....