March 13, 2009

Houston Rodeo

Last night we went to the Rodeo and saw Brad Paisley with our good friends Sean and Erica Green. We had a blast and Brad definitely put on a good show for us. Unfortunatley, we forgot our cameras so we only have cell phone pics of the night but we had a blast. Chad and I spent about 30 bucks on 3 beers which makes me cringe but it was fun and we did get to be on the megatron!
Chad and I are off to the rodeo again to see Darius Rucker I was so excited to be back in Houston this year and really wanted to go the Rodeo. I was worried we wouldn't get to go if we didn't get tickets but Chad assured me someone would invite us. Luckily for me, my husband was right! We've been invited 4 times! Tonight we will remeber to bring our camera and since it's nice hopefully we can ride the rides, which is my favorite part.

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BC Bassi said...

How much fun! We missed the rodeo this year. I thought it went on for longer than it did. Bummer.