June 3, 2009

12 Day Separation

Chad left on Sunday for Binghamton, NY to train for his new title at Malin as a core sales representative. Chad works for the same company his dad has worked for over 10 years. It is an amazing company and they treat their employees so well. We are so blessed to both have jobs we love. Unfortunately, with his new position, he has to go to training in New York twice this summer. First, from June 1-12 and then again in August for another 13 days. Being apart sucks, but I know it is good for him and he will learn so much. Chad has never been to New York before so he is planning on going into the city while he is there at some point. He says it is so beautiful there and that he is learning a lot and met some nice guys. I am a perpetual worrier so I hate when he is flying and gone for a long time. I know God will keep him safe for me though and he will be back before I know it!

In other news, we found out last week that Mer is getting induced on June 10th - a week early!! We are soo excited but that means Chad will miss the birth of his niece :( I plan on heading up to Austin with my parents Tuesday night and coming home Wed. after Charlotte is born. Then I will pick Chad up at the airport on Friday and we will head to Austin together for the weekend so he can meet his niece! Can't wait!! Only one week to go baby Charlotte!


BC Bassi said...

June 10. How exciting. You are going to be the best aunt. Charlotte is one lucky girl. Can't wait to see pictures. :)

The Owen Family said...

baby charlotte will be excited to meet her fun aunt b and uncle chadilac!!! love you guys!!