June 30, 2009

My Hubby

1.Who is your guy? My husband, Chad
2.How long have you been together? Since June 4, 2006 but we have known eachother since we were 15 :)
3. How long dated? 1 year and 9months
4.How old is your man?23
5.Who eats more? He does
6.Who said "I love you" first? We can't remember, but I think I did
7.Who is taller? he is by 6 inches
8.Who sings better? I do

9.Who is smarter? Same, but in different ways
10 .Whose temper is worse? Mine
11.Who does the laundry? We both do, more me lately
12.Who takes out the garbage? I set it on the porch sometimes, but he takes it to the dumpster
13.Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? If you're looking at it from the foot of the bed, I do
14.Who pays the bills? Both
15.Who is better with the computer? I am

16.Who mows the lawn? Don't have one yet, but when we do I'm sure he will
17.Who cooks dinner? we both do, sometimes him more than me :) he always cooks the meat though
18.Who drives when you are together? He does
19.Who pays when you go out? He does but we share bank accounts so doesn't really matter anymore

20.Who is most stubborn? Both
21.Who is the first to admit when they are wrong? Both
22.Whose spends more time in front of the mirror? Me
23.Who kissed who first? He was too nervous so I told him he could kiss me and he was happy to do it!
24.Who asked who out? He did

25.Who proposed? He did, he planned the best proposal I have ever heard of all by himself, it was a total surprise! It's a great story but too long to type here :) let's just say there was a sunset, dinner and a horse drawn carriage involved, it was amazing!!
26.Who is more sensitive? I am
27.Who has more friends? He does
28.Who has more siblings? We both have one older sibling, I have a sister, he's got a brother
29.Who prays at the dinner table? I do

30.Who wears the pants in the family? Both of us