August 19, 2009

Girl's Nights

While Chad was off to do more training in New York, I spent time with all my girlfriends and family. We went out to eat and downtown to midtown one night. I missed my husband so much, but I was busy almost every night, so it made the time go by quicker than I thought it would. I am very glad to have him home though!

Hanging around the apartment

There's a little glimpse into our apt. kitchen. I will post more pics soon. That is Chad on the left and our good friend Damon who is my friend Jaclyn's hubbie. We were coming back from the pool and me and Jaclyn thought the boys looked too funny in their matching pool gear. And that is Jaclyn and Damon' s little boy Madden chilling on our couch while we eat dinner.

Charlotte Came to Visit!

Charlotte and her Momma and Dad came to visit the other weekend. She tried her bathing suit out for the first time and wasn't a big fan of the water. She looked pretty cute though! Kirby came over to see me and Charlotte and couldn't get enough of her. Charlotte like her a lot too. We'll see them again this weekend for another wedding.

And you thought your day was rough....

When I went to get Lily up from her nap a couple of weeks ago, imagine my surprise when I saw that her hair looked like she had stuck her finer in the nearest electrical socket! It was the funniest thing. I was cracking up, and her Dad was home, so when I showed him her hair, he laughed for about 10 minutes too. Just another day with the girls! They are so funny and keep me entertained all day long. Love them!

Dana and Will's Wedding

One of Chad's bestfriends who he grew up with, Will, got married last Saturday. Chad and his brother, David were groomsmen. We have so many weddings this month and one next month. We were invited to 4 just in August and we'll be attending 3 of them. Crazy! Guess August is the hot month to get pun intended. The newlyweds went to Paris for their honeymoon the next day.