October 27, 2009

Baby News

Yesterday we had our 2nd doctor's appointment. On our first appointment, I wasn't measuring as far along as the dr. thought I was and the ultrasound just showed the gestational sac, so we had to come back in two weeks to see how things were developing. So yesterday, we saw the fetal pole and we went to get an internal ultrasound. The dr.'s office called today and said there was definitely a heartbeat and our little baby is measuring at 6wks. 5days. We go back in 2 more weeks and they will give us a copy of the ultrasound so I will try to post it. The due date looks to be June 17, which is what my sister's due date was!! Too funny! Everything looks great, it just looks like I found out I was pregnant really early! We can't wait for our sweet baby to arrive.

October 7, 2009

We Have an Announcement!!

So, Monday morning I woke up with a little concern. I had an appointment to get my wisdom teeth out on Friday and wanted to make sure before I did that I was sure I wasn't pregnant. I was pretty late this month and had already taken 3 tests which were all negative, but for some reason woke up that morning with that being the first thing on my mind. I rushed out to get a test and took it...... sure enough, I didn't even have to wait the 3 minutes like the box said...

I was in total shock. Definitely overjoyed though! I wanted to tell Chad in a special way and it was so hard to wait all day to tell him, since I took the test first thing in the morning. I called my Mom first and she was so thrilled but I swore her to secrecy until Chad knew. I felt bad for telling my Mom before him, but I was dying to tell someone!! So I came up with a little plan to tell him and went out and bought 2 little outfits, one for a boy and one for a girl and took this picture of the test and printed it and framed it and wrapped it all in a box tied with a green ribbon. When Chad got home, I told him it was an early birthday present since his birthday is on the 16th. When he opened it he must've said "This isn't a joke, right?" 3 times. I was worried about his reaction, but he was definitely excited and in total shock. It only took him about and hour to really have it sink in and then he was beyond thrilled. Here is the picture of him opening the box...

After that, we met my parents for dinner and I gave my dad the same box and told him it was Chad's early birthday present if he wanted to look at it...

We then went to Chad's parents and told them and then to his Grandparent's since they had already invited us over that night. Here's their reactions!

We think Chad's mom might have some psychic powers because she said when we came over Saturday she told Chad's dad she thought I was pregnant!

Chad's Grandparents were so excited to find out they were going to be great-grandparents :)When I talked to the Doctor Monday, they told me I was 6 weeks pregnant. Since it's still so early, I told Chad I wanted to wait to tell a bunch of people until we went to the doctor, but he was so excited he couldn't wait. It was so fun telling the family though, and I will always remember how special it was and how excited everyone is for us. We can't wait for our doctor appt. on Monday! Chad is so cute about the baby, he is spoiling me already and brought home flowers for me last night :) Keep your fingers crossed for us for a happy, healthy pregnancy and baby! We are so excited and feel so blessed and we can't wait for our little baby to arrive!

October 4, 2009

Adventures in Babysitting

This weekend Chad and I babysat the twins while their Mom and Dad had some much-deserved time away. We stayed at their house and watched them from Friday afternoon until Sunday morning. We had a blast with them. They are getting so big and doing the funniest things everyday.

Their parents left us the car so we could take them out while we had them and on Friday evening we decided to take them to eat some Mexican food. The girls were great the whole time, we kept them occupied with little baby rice snacks but we did have to make sure everything was out of their arms reach. We must've been quite a site with the two girls in their highchairs on two sides of the table and Chad and I huddled on the opposite sides with all of our chips, food, and menus crowded together. We had fun though and they got us our food fast.

The girls slept all through the night all weekend and kept us laughing and on our toes. Chad was really sweet with them. They are his cousins but he doesn't see them a whole lot so it was good for the girls to get more used to him. They were his little buddies by Sunday, it was really cute.

We forgot to take the camera, so I have no pictures of our weekend, but it was definitely memorable anyway. Lily is now walking and she is so proud of herself. Lexi and Lily chase each other all over and have so much fun together. It is really sweet to see them play together except when Lily decides to steal Lexi's toy and poor Lexi gets so sad. They are learning how to share at a young age though which is great! I was definitely sad to say goodbye today but luckily I have an amazing job which lets me spend time with them every week! Lily and Lexi have a big day coming up... their 1st Birthday on October 20th!! Their party is a couple of short weeks away.. the day after Chad's birthday on the 16th. Can't wait to see them turn 1- wow the time has flown by!!!!