November 8, 2009

Switching Baby Doc's

Well Chad and I made the decision to switch obstetricians. We are now seeing a doctor who has much more up to date technology and is a lot closer to our apartment. I will be delivering at a hospital a lot nicer and a lot closer so it all has worked out great! We really like our new doctor. We had another ultrasound and got some more detailed info about our little bun. The due date is officially June 15th!! We got to see and hear the heartbeat which was so amazing, I can't even describe it. The heartbeat is going strong (and fast!) at 162 beats per minute!! I will try to upload the ultrasound picture soon. We go back in a couple of weeks and will get another ultrasound which they doctor said will be much more clear and it will look like a real baby :) I will be 9 weeks on Tuesday and we can't wait!!! I will also be starting to document my tummy (at the request of Chad) even though right now I just feel super bloated. I hope to start a little pregnancy scrapbook soon too. We have been having fun trying to guess if its a boy or girl with old wives tales. The wedding ring trick worked and it swung back and forth which means girl (and so does the fast heartbeat) so we will see!! At 10 weeks we plan to take the new intelligender at home test (just for fun) so I will let you know what it says in a couple weeks.


bcfamily said...

You are going to have a girl! I know it. :)

Brenden and Chad said...

Mer said the same thing!! Me and Chad have no idea!

Melissa said...

How exciting! Any reason your old doc was not working out? Best of luck, love!