December 1, 2009

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Driving to work this morning, I heard the most incredible news and I was sooo excited. On Friday there is a 30% chance of SNOW!!! I called Chad to share the news as soon as I heard. I realize this doesn't mean it will snow for sure, but I have already gotten my hopes up. Last year, Chad and I were ticked because we moved back from Dallas just in time to miss the snow here (we were a couple of weeks late) and miss any snow in Dallas. At the beginning of '08 while we were both living in Denton, we got about 6 inches of snow. It was crazy!! It was the light fluffy snow too and the snowflakes were humongous. I had never seen so much snow before, except on a skiing trip. It was awesome. I know that there is almost no chance of it happening here, but even a snowflake or two would make my day. Let's pray the weatherman is right for a change.


bcfamily said...

That would be so cool if it did. We are taking Christmas pictures that day and snow would be perfect!

Melissa said...

We had snow this morning. NOW do you miss Dallas? ( =