December 27, 2009

Merry Christmas 2009

We hope everyone had as great a Christmas as we did. It was filled with family and fun. We spent Christmas Eve with Chad's family. First, we went to church and then to his cousins house for food and presents with his Dad's side, then we headed to his Grandparents and gave them their present, and then we went to Chad's parents to open presents with them. We were definitely spoiled with lots of wonderful presents, and we didn't get to bed until 2 a.m. It was a event filled night. When we got back to our apartment, Chad and I exchanged presents (Christmas jammies) with each other. We decided to copy our friends Damon and Jaclyn and make a tradition of giving eachother Christmas jammies to open Christmas Eve, so the next morning we are looking cute for pictures. The next morning, we got up bright and early and traveled to Austin to my sister's house to spend Christmas day with my side of the family. We had a great weekend, and baby Charlotte had a great first Christmas. We pretty much just stayed in the whole weekend, although Mom, Mer and I did venture out on Saturday to Buy Buy Baby, a baby store owned by Bed Bath and Beyond that they have in Austin. We looked at some baby stuff for Baby Pokorny. I got some cute bedding ideas and stroller ideas. Then that night, we all played Scrabble. We had such a fun Christmas with the family and we are so blessed to have such fun families to spend the holidays with.

Charlotte opening her very late baptism present from
Aunt Bren and Uncle Chad

Too cute!!!!

Charlotte's present from us, it's bigger than
she is!

Mer and Randall

Cousin Matt and his Grandmother

Mimi and Daddy-Glenn

Don't worry, I was drinking sparkling grape
juice, not wine ;)

Not the best pic, but the only group shot I had

Charlotte loves her Mimi

about to head home

and to top it all off, a baby bump pic...
15 weeks, 5 days


The Sweatman Family said...

Loving the baby bump! You are glowing Bren!! Great picts :)

Melissa said...

You have such a beautiful family! I love reading about you guys and seeing your pics. I feel like I know your sister and their baby. HA!

I haven't checked out the Buy Buy Babies here but they are building them everywhere. I wondered who was behind them, so Bed, Bath and Beyond makes sense. We have to go check one out.

Thayn Family said...

I appreciate the shout out Bren! How did your christmas jammies turn out?? Did Chad make you take Christmas pics in lingerie?? Im happy that you had such a wonderful Christmas- call me and tell me what else santa brought you :)