December 30, 2010

White Elephant Party

Every year the ladies on the Pokorny side of the family get together for a White Elephant gift exchange. My first time to go was last year, and it is so much fun.This year I ended up getting a cute sign for the yard and 2 Christmas coffee mugs. The star of the night was Mr. Grayson who was born on December 3rd. This group loves them some babies! Everyone was trying to get their hands on the little guy! His older sister's were the twins I watched before Graham was born. He and Graham are exactly 6 months apart, to the day!

He was so mellow!

Little bitty baby feet

Grayson's mommy Val on the left, and her sister Gaynor on the right.


Chad's Mom and Aunt Debbie

Carrie and I (Chad's cousins girlfriend)

Grayson with his Momma

This chick does not look like she gave birth 2 weeks ago!!

So sweet

Decking the Halls

Nicole's Birthday Dinner

A few days after we moved in, Jamie, Nicole and I went out to dinner to celebrate Nicole's birthday. It was so nice to have a night out with the girls, we decided we needed to do it a lot more often. Jamie's sweet baby boy Ayden was born only 2 days before Graham and Nicole is pregnant with her first baby, a boy too! It will be so fun when Landon gets here and all 3 boys can play together! 

December 29, 2010

Moving Day!!!!

December 10th was a big day in our lives, we closed on our first house!!!!! We moved everything in the same day.... that's the Pokorny way of doing things!!! Thanks for all of the help to our parents and David, Chad's brother... We could not have done it without y'all!!!

At the closing, signing our life away ;)

Us with our real estate agent and Chad's brother (our loan officer)

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We're homeowners!

Carrying me over the threshold!

Graham's first bath in his own bathroom!!

Champagne to celebrate!!!
My hot husband in our new kitchen!!

Where to start?!?!

I'm so far behind on my blogging these days, and soooo much has happened.... Moving! Playdates! Birthdays! Christmas parties! Christmas Eve! Christmas morning! Christmas Day! Makes me tired just thinking about everything we've been doing these past couple of weeks. I'll just start with some pictures from the beginning of the month I've been meanig to post....

After bathtime

Happy Boy!

Not a happy boy!

Leaving for Chad's Christmas work party

GORGEOUS blanket knitted by my Mom's cousin for baby Graham!!

Reading books with Momma

I think Graham looks like the baby on the left!

December 3, 2010

6 Months Old!

Happy 6 month birthday, Graham!!! 6 months, how did that happen?!?! We can't imagine our lives any different and I can't believe Graham is half way through his first year! This past week, he got his first tooth. The bottom left one (his left) and he is so close to getting the other one in. I can see it just below the surface, but can't yet feel it. Poor Graham has had a rough time teething. We have gotten very little sleep around here these past couple of weeks, and Chad and I are pretty much running on fumes. I am praying that after this tooth comes in, we get a break and our sweet baby will sleep through the night once more. The past 3 or 4 nights, the only way he will sleep is with me holding him all night long in our bed. Doesn't make for a very restful night for anyone! Graham also had a doctor appointment today and got some shots :( Not a fun day for the little baby. Here is what Graham's been up to:

-Rolling over both ways, rolls all over the place, it's so cute
-Starting rice cereal
-Trying to ween him from the swaddle
-Got his first tooth in
-Still nursing, about every 4 hours
-Can sit supported and unsupported for a couple seconds
-Loves to stand! Wants to stand more than sit and fusses sometimes when you try to sit him down
-Loves to jump!
- Still loves the paci
-Laughs, smiles and giggles constantly
-Grabs objects
-Loves to grab at faces and started pinching sometimes
-Loves my hair, he always plays with it while nursing, it's so sweet! Also loves to grab handfuls of it and put it in his mouth when I'm holding him-- gets my hair all slobbery-- lovely!
-Such a Mama's boy-- and I love it :)
-Touches and turns the pages of books when I'm reading to him
- Got weighed today at his doctor appointmet he is 14 lbs. 9.3 oz. (hovering at 10th percentile for a while now)

So many fun, cute things he is doing these days. I'm sure I am forgetting many things, but I am very sleep deprived, so forgive me! I will post a picture tomorrow also. Happy 6 months, bubbas!!! We love you to the moon and back!!!

November 30, 2010

Family Pictures

We were badly in need of some family photos, so Chad's brother generously offered to take some pictures of us with his nice camera!! They turned out pretty cute, definitely think there are some framers :) I even used one for our Christmas cards, but I didn't post that one. Take a look!

Thanks again, Kara and David!!