January 5, 2010

17 week Appointment

Today I am 17 weeks, and his morning we had our 17 week appointment. Everything looks great and we heard the heartbeat on the doppler!! Love that sound. 156 beats per minute, the slowest it's been so far and still pretty fast!! All the screening tests have come back with great results, we are so thankful. I had to get some more blood drawn to screen for a couple of other things, but everything should be good! And the most exciting part of the appointment was setting up our BIG Ultrasound. We find out if our baby is a boy or a girl in 3 WEEKS!!!! January 26th, hurry up!!


Thayn Family said...

OMG(gosh)!!! That is so exciting!!! I wanna come!!!

bcfamily said...

I can't wait either! How exciting!