January 19, 2010

Nesting & Mer's Birthday

So, I think the nesting period is setting in. I read that it can start around 5 months, so I guess that is about right. I was cleaning like a mad woman all day yesterday. Get this- I even scrubbed the balcony floor with comet. Today I plan to start organizing the cabinets. Ugh seems like I will never get this place in order, and the kicker is this isn't even the same apartment we'll be in when the bambino comes! I have been feeling he/she kick me several times a day and have even felt it with my hand a few times, although everytime Chad tries to feel, the kicking stops. I'm sure he will feel it very soon though. It feels like a little muscle spasm. One was pretty hard on Saturday!

This weekend me and Chad went our seperate ways, he went to go hunting with his friends and brother (hog hunting, deer season is over) and I went to Austin to celebrate Mer's birthday with her! I had such a good time with my sister and I hope she had a good birthday! Charlotte was cracking me up the whole time, she loves making spit bubbles. Me, Mer and Evan went and saw New Moon (it was my 3rd time- sad I know, but I love that movie!) and Sunday me and Mer went to get a little pampered by getting some much needed pedicures :) I headed home soon after that. It was so good to have some sister time. Love you, Mer!


Melissa said...

Aw I miss Noah's kicks. He was so active at night it made me sick though.

I never cleaned like that until closer to delivery and even then it was not awful. We were in the same situation- moving right after he was born so I just never felt the need. Good luck! And, I think the balcony floor is a little crazy. HA!

The Pokornys said...

I know, I am crazy!! In my defense, it was just one spot and it was a stain, haha :P Hope you guys are doing good and Noah is feeling better poor guy :(