January 21, 2010

Rockets Game

A couple of weeks ago Chad and I headed downtown for the Rockets v. Knicks game. We went early and ate some yummy Italian food before the game and had such a fun date night. The game was pretty exciting and Chad was really into it the whole time. He is still sweet though, and wants me to get into it too, so he has no problem explaining stuff during the game. It was a really close game and the Rockets ended up winning! I even got pretty into it the last quarter. It was freeezing cold that night (in the 20's) but that didn't stop us from getting icecream, ha! It was such a fun night, I love nights like that with my husband. Pretty soon it won't be just the two of us anymore, so we better get in all the date nights we can!

1 comment:

bcfamily said...

Icecream in 20 degree weather; you guys are crazy! Sounds like you guys had a fun time!