February 22, 2010

Graham's Baby Bedding

After all day going to stores including Baby's 1st furniture in Houston, we ended up ordering this bedding online tonight. I have been wanting something classic, a little sophisticated but still sweet enough for a baby. I am not really a fan of the bedding with animals or themes on them. We found the 4 piece set online for 160-ish. It should arrive in a few days, so I am super excited to see what it looks like in person since I couldn't find any swatches to order. It's called "Park Avenue Baby" by Lambs and Ivy. Hopefully it's as cute as I think it will be! The swatches for the bedding I had posted earlier came in but weren't really the colors I thought they would be, and since this bedding was so much cheaper, and delivers so much faster we gave it a shot. We move into our new apartment March 31st and I can't wait!!


bcfamily said...

Glad you found something you like. I love it! It is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Cute Bren. Great choice! I cant wait to help decorate~ We need to make those cute letters to go above the bed. They are so easy to make! I love you both!

Melissa said...

Our bedding was Lambs and Ivy also. Love it!