March 27, 2010

2 Years Ago Today...

Chad asked me to be his wife. In honor of today, I thought I would post our engagment story. It really was an amazing proposal, he did good.

When he proposed we were still living up in Dallas. I was selling cars (if you can believe that!) up in Denton and Chad was in his 2nd to last semester of college at UNT. He had just went down to Houston
for spring-break and I stayed up in Denton because
I had to work. Little did I know while he was down in Houston, he was buying me an engagement ring and taking my parents to dinner to ask their permission for my hand in marriage.

When he got back, he called me one
day at work and said he had won a gift certificate for a restaurant in Addison (an
up-scale part of town in Dallas) I had no idea that he had already called my manager and asked for me to have the night off so I could go.

We ate dinner at Avanti's and after dinner, Chad asked if I wanted to walk around for a little bit. I had
on heels that were hurting and was really sore from working out earlier in the week, so after we were walking for a little bit, I asked him if he was ready to go. Poor Chad was actually stalling me because he had arranged for a horse drawn carriage to pick us up outside the restaurant but we finished dinner really early. So, when all of a sudden he spotted the carriage that we were supposed to be on, he asked me if I wanted to see if we could get a ride. I was like "I don't know if it looks like they're giving rides" and he was like "Yeah, I bet if we ask they will let us" so we chased it down across the town square. When we got to it, he asked if we could get a ride and of course she let us on.

the night we got engaged, back at my apartment

We rode around Addison and although it had been overcast all day, just as the sun was setting, the clouds bro
ke up and it was the most beautiful hot pink sunset I'd ever seen, gorgeous. The driver all of a sudden stopped and said a strap was broken on the carriage and could we get off for a second so she could fix it. Chad led me over to a bench a little ways away and had me sit down. Then he sat next to me and said " You know how much I love you right? And I wanna spend the rest of my life with you... so I have something to ask you... then he got down on one knee and said "Will you marry me?" and opened the ringbox with the most beautiful round cut solitaire. I was in shock, and kept saying "Oh my gosh, really? Are you serious?" over and over again. Then he put the ring on my finger and we hugged and kissed and he said, was that a yes? I said of course and like a lot of girls was in such shock I had forgotten to say the most important part.... "Yes!"

We walked back to the carriage and I was so confused because our song was playing and their was a bouquet of my
favorite flowers (tulips) in the carriage. I didn't get that the horse and carriage had been planned all along at first. It was so sweet to see it all come together and all the effort he put into it. Then as we were riding around in the carriage, we stopped again, this time in front of a restaurant and a guy came out with a bottle o
f champagne and two champagne flutes. So we got to sip champagne and soak everything in as we rode around town. It was amazing.

I was so touched when he told me my parents already knew and he had asked their permission while in Houston. It was so fun spreading the news of our engagement. Now here we are two years later and ta
king maternity pictures. Hard to believe. I love you babe, thanks for making me the happiest and luckiest girl in the entire world when you asked me to be your wife, I am truly blessed you picked me to spend your life with!

My favorite engagement picture....
taken by my very talented friend Sarah Thompson


March 24, 2010

28 Weeks & Dr. Appt.

Yesterday I hit the 28 week mark! We had a Dr. appt. and everything looks pretty good. The Dr. said I had a bit of a jump in weight at this appt. and my last so I need to watch it :( I am going to cut out juice since he said it's as bad as coke! Can you believe that?!? I thought juice was healthy! It's also probably due to the fact that I haven't been working, so I am burning less calories. I am going to try really hard to be good. And my blood pressure was a little higher than it's been but he said there was no need for concern at this point. Since I am 28 weeks, we will be going to the dr. every 2 weeks from now on.

We had a busy weekend this past weekend, and Saturday night I was having some braxton hicks contractions/ pain on my right side. Then, yesterday I was having them throughout the day and during the night. I even woke poor Chad up. I was worried they might be the real thing! Luckily, I had my "What to Expect When You're Expecting" book handy and we looked it up, and it seems to just be braxton hicks.

In other news, we are having our maternity pictures taken this Saturday and I can't wait! Last night we packed up the bedroom and our closet and today I'm going to work on the rest of the apartment. I am glad Chad helped me get started, hopefully that will help me keep things going so we will be all packed and organized for our move next Wednesday. I am a little sad to leave our first apartment as a married couple, we have had a lot of good memories here, but I am sooo excited to move into a bigger place.

How Your Baby is Growing:
By this week, your baby weighs two and a quarter pounds (like a Chinese cabbage) and measures 14.8 inches from the top of his head to his heels. He can blink his eyes, which now sport lashes. With his eyesight developing, he may be able to see the light that filters in through your womb. He's also developing billions of neurons in his brain and adding more body fat in preparation for life in the outside world.

March 22, 2010

Just What I Need

Today I was talking with my friend Jaclyn at the gym (yes I worked out a little today for the first time in forever) and we were talking about how we needed to get floats for the apartment pool for when we layout. I was telling her how I wondered if there was a float for pregnant women with a belly cut-out so you could lay on your stomach and tan your back. Tonight I looked it up online and they do make one! At 50 bucks its kind of pricey, but I want it soooo bad. Maybe I will ask for it as a birthday gift? Check it out... It's called "Belly Flopz" and it was invented by a Mom during her 3rd pregnancy. Genius!

March 18, 2010

27 Weeks

I can't believe I have entered into the 3rd trimester! I am feeling pretty good this week, and Graham is getting big! I am still having some back pain, but hopefully I will get a prenatal massage soon which should help. I am loving the warmer weather and have even layed out a couple of times. The next 3 weekends are going to be busy for us, and I will be busy during the week packing up our apartment. Here is me and Graham at 27 weeks!

How your baby's growing:

This week, your baby weighs almost 2 pounds (like a head of cauliflower) and is about 14 1/2 inches long with his legs extended. He's sleeping and waking at regular intervals, opening and closing his eyes, and perhaps even sucking his fingers. With more brain tissue developing, your baby's brain is very active now. While his lungs are still immature, they would be capable of functioning — with a lot of medical help — if he were to be born now. Chalk up any tiny rhythmic movements you may be feeling to a case of baby hiccups, which may be common from now on. Each episode usually lasts only a few moments, and they don't bother him, so just relax and enjoy the tickle.

See what your baby looks like this week.

Houston Rodeo 2010: Lady Antebellum

Monday night we got free tickets from a friend of Chad's mom to Lady Antebellum. We went to the rodeo several times last year, and we weren't sure if we wanted to go at all this year. But we couldn't pass up the chance to see Lady Antebellum. It was a lot of fun, we had really good seats and the concert was really good. I can't wait to take little Graham to the livestock show and rodeo next year. I'm going to get him the cutest little cowboy boots.

Dallas Trip

This past weekend, Chad had to go to Dallas for work. I had been dreading him going because its a long drive and he was going to be gone all weekend. It worked out that I could go with him, so we were both excited about having a little getaway. We decided to stay in The Magnolia Hotel in downtown Dallas. We haven't stayed in a nice hotel together just the two of us since our wedding! We ended up being pretty impressed witho our hotel. It was built in the early 1900's but had been renovated and updated. They had a delicious complimentary (big) breakfast in the mornings and two free drinks per person every evening and our favorite... a free cookies and milk buffet at night! The cookies and milk really sold us on the hotel! We got in Friday afternoon, and after we checked out our room, we headed downstairs to the starbucks that was connected to our hotel and got a couple of coffees, and took a stroll around downtown Dallas. It was so nice just to walk around in the beautiful weather. That night we went to Addison (the town we got engaged) to meet some of Chad's old college friends for dinner. It was so nice to get to see friends we hadn't seen in a while. On our way back to the hotel, we stopped at the spot where we got engaged, we hadn't been back since and it was so nice to reminisce on that amazing night :) The next day after breakfast, Chad had to leave me to get some work done, so I ventured out by myself and grabbed a starbucks (caffeine-free) and went next door to the original Neiman Marcus and browsed the baby, purse, and shoe section. Then me and Chad went to lunch and took his client to the Mavericks game that night. The next day we met some good friends who are newly engaged for brunch at The Iron Cactus. I recommend it if you've never been, we ate their twice while we were there. And the brunch was delicious, they had everything, it was a pregnant girls heaven. We had a fun little trip, it was nice to get away for a weekend. I was even going to get a prenatal massage, but it was kind of last minute and so I decided to wait until we got home. But it was still super relaxing and fun. We didn't take a lot of good pics, I wish we had gotten more of the hotel but here they are:

The lobby of our hotel

Amber and Jeremy... we checked out a hotel they might stay at for their honeymoon night

We got a little carried away with the cookie buffet... don't worry we didn't eat all of those!

The spot where we got engaged in Addison

March 10, 2010

26 Weeks & Glucose Test

Yesterday I hit the 26 week mark, less than 100 days to go now! I am getting so excited to meet him, today while I was running errands I kept thinking about how in a few months I will have a little baby in the backseat :) Yesterday, I went to get my glucose test. It wasn't bad at all, I just had to wait 5o minutes to get called back to get my blood drawn, but luckily I brought a book to read (Mommywood by Tori Spelling - for the 2nd time..) The doctor's office called today and said my glucose levels looked good, but I am a little anemic, so I have to take iron supplements for the remainder of my pregnancy. No big deal. My mom said my sister had that too while she was pregnant.

In other news, this weekend Chad and I are booking it to Dallas for Chad's work. We haven't been back since we moved last December, so I am really looking forward to going back to our old stomping ground :) Hope everyone is having a great week!
26 Weeks:
The network of nerves in your baby's ears is better developed and more sensitive than before. He may now be able to hear both your voice and your partner's as you chat with each other. He's inhaling and exhaling small amounts of amniotic fluid, which is essential for the development of his lungs. These so-called breathing movements are also good practice for when he's born and takes that first gulp of air. And he's continuing to put on baby fat. He now weighs about a pound and two-thirds and measures 14 inches (an English hothouse cucumber) from head to heel. If you're having a boy, his testicles are beginning to descend into his scrotum — a trip that will take about two to three days.

See what your baby looks like this week.

March 7, 2010

Graham's Nursery Inspiration

Here are some pictures I found that are going to be the inspiration for Graham's nursery. I decided to go with a nautical feel. I plan on taking elements from each to create a soothing, fun room for our baby boy. Love these nurseries, so cute!

March 5, 2010

Under the weather & 25 weeks

This week, Chad came down with a cold or virus or something. He started feeling bad Monday, and by Wednesday decided to take a sick day and go to the doctor. He ended up getting a steroid shot, and a couple of hours later felt like new again. We ended up having our friends Kirby and Jake over to watch the basketball game that night. Chad's been feeling his normal self again ever since. We thought it might have just been allergies since the steroid shot cleared it up so fast, and my mom said tree pollen has been really high. Then yesterday and today, I have started to feel super tired, kind of congested and a little achy. Yesterday, I napped for a good while on the couch and didn't get much done. Then today, after I got home from getting my wedding ring cleaned and checked out (some of the pave diamonds have been loose) I went straight to bed to rest. We haven't been sick in forever, so I guess it was bound to happen, but I am hoping to kick it before it gets worse. Maybe I am not really sick, but starting to feel tired from the pregnancy,since I am coming up on my 26th week (and 3rd trimester soon...)

This weekend we will probably be laying low. Chad got free Cinemark movie tickets from work so we might head to The Woodlands to see a movie since the cinemark by us is pretty ghetto these days. Then Sunday evening we're going to watch my cousin Gracie get baptized. Gracie was our flower girl. Her birthday is in a few days, I can't believe she will be 8!

This past Wednesday I went with my cousin-in-law Ginny (Gracie's mom) to a Mom's group bible study at her church. I really enjoyed it and I'm planning on going to hear a really good speaker with her next month. Other than being a little sickly, we had a pretty good week. Graham has been pretty active too, and during the bible study, Ginny even said she saw my stomach jump a few times!

Graham's baby bedding came in last Friday, and we love it! It's a little different blue than we thought, more of a light aqua, but it looks good with the cream and chocolate brown. We're really happy with the quality too. Can't wait to move and start on the nursery, only a couple of more weeks. I am going to start packing up our apartment soon so moving will be easier. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

25 Weeks:
Head to heels, your baby now measures about 13 1/2 inches. His weight — a pound and a half — isn't much more than an average rutabaga, but he's beginning to exchange his long, lean look for some baby fat. As he does, his wrinkled skin will begin to smooth out and he'll start to look more and more like a newborn. He's also growing more hair — and if you could see it, you'd now be able to discern its color and texture.