March 27, 2010

2 Years Ago Today...

Chad asked me to be his wife. In honor of today, I thought I would post our engagment story. It really was an amazing proposal, he did good.

When he proposed we were still living up in Dallas. I was selling cars (if you can believe that!) up in Denton and Chad was in his 2nd to last semester of college at UNT. He had just went down to Houston
for spring-break and I stayed up in Denton because
I had to work. Little did I know while he was down in Houston, he was buying me an engagement ring and taking my parents to dinner to ask their permission for my hand in marriage.

When he got back, he called me one
day at work and said he had won a gift certificate for a restaurant in Addison (an
up-scale part of town in Dallas) I had no idea that he had already called my manager and asked for me to have the night off so I could go.

We ate dinner at Avanti's and after dinner, Chad asked if I wanted to walk around for a little bit. I had
on heels that were hurting and was really sore from working out earlier in the week, so after we were walking for a little bit, I asked him if he was ready to go. Poor Chad was actually stalling me because he had arranged for a horse drawn carriage to pick us up outside the restaurant but we finished dinner really early. So, when all of a sudden he spotted the carriage that we were supposed to be on, he asked me if I wanted to see if we could get a ride. I was like "I don't know if it looks like they're giving rides" and he was like "Yeah, I bet if we ask they will let us" so we chased it down across the town square. When we got to it, he asked if we could get a ride and of course she let us on.

the night we got engaged, back at my apartment

We rode around Addison and although it had been overcast all day, just as the sun was setting, the clouds bro
ke up and it was the most beautiful hot pink sunset I'd ever seen, gorgeous. The driver all of a sudden stopped and said a strap was broken on the carriage and could we get off for a second so she could fix it. Chad led me over to a bench a little ways away and had me sit down. Then he sat next to me and said " You know how much I love you right? And I wanna spend the rest of my life with you... so I have something to ask you... then he got down on one knee and said "Will you marry me?" and opened the ringbox with the most beautiful round cut solitaire. I was in shock, and kept saying "Oh my gosh, really? Are you serious?" over and over again. Then he put the ring on my finger and we hugged and kissed and he said, was that a yes? I said of course and like a lot of girls was in such shock I had forgotten to say the most important part.... "Yes!"

We walked back to the carriage and I was so confused because our song was playing and their was a bouquet of my
favorite flowers (tulips) in the carriage. I didn't get that the horse and carriage had been planned all along at first. It was so sweet to see it all come together and all the effort he put into it. Then as we were riding around in the carriage, we stopped again, this time in front of a restaurant and a guy came out with a bottle o
f champagne and two champagne flutes. So we got to sip champagne and soak everything in as we rode around town. It was amazing.

I was so touched when he told me my parents already knew and he had asked their permission while in Houston. It was so fun spreading the news of our engagement. Now here we are two years later and ta
king maternity pictures. Hard to believe. I love you babe, thanks for making me the happiest and luckiest girl in the entire world when you asked me to be your wife, I am truly blessed you picked me to spend your life with!

My favorite engagement picture....
taken by my very talented friend Sarah Thompson



Melissa said...

Ah! That seems like yesterday. It was so sweet, I cried when I heard it the first time, and I just teared up again. Dangit, Chad!!

Melissa said...

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