March 22, 2010

Just What I Need

Today I was talking with my friend Jaclyn at the gym (yes I worked out a little today for the first time in forever) and we were talking about how we needed to get floats for the apartment pool for when we layout. I was telling her how I wondered if there was a float for pregnant women with a belly cut-out so you could lay on your stomach and tan your back. Tonight I looked it up online and they do make one! At 50 bucks its kind of pricey, but I want it soooo bad. Maybe I will ask for it as a birthday gift? Check it out... It's called "Belly Flopz" and it was invented by a Mom during her 3rd pregnancy. Genius!


Thayn Family said...

That is perfect Bren. Ill pitch in 10 bucks!!

Melissa said...

That is so cool. Man I wish I had had that when I was preggo. So cool!