April 21, 2010

Ultrasound and Dr. Appt.

This morning we had our ultrasound! It has been 12 weeks since we had one and we were so excited to see our baby again. He has definitely bulked up since he was 20 weeks! He is 4lbs., 1 oz. and was measuring at 32 wks. 0 days gestation which is awesome since I am 32 weeks 1 day. That puts him in the 40th percentile the Doctor said. The amniotic fluid looks good, and he is laying a little diaganol like I thought, but he is head down and will most likely be in the right position in the next few weeks. It was so funny because he was trying to stick his little foot in his mouth! He also has chubby cheeks and the ultrasound tech said she could see he has some hair on his sweet little head. One of the nurses later told us if they could see hair, then it is dark b/c you can't see blond hair on the ultrasound very well. His heartbeat was good at 157 bpm, and everything looks really good! We go back in 3 weeks, and that is when he will test me for group B strep. We are really closing in on the end now and we are getting more excited every day. Tonight my parents are coming over to take us to dinner and watch the ultrasound video. Everyone is getting so excited to meet baby Graham!


The Sweatman Family said...

That is an awesome weight for a 32wk baby!! That is so exciting!

April said...

So glad I found your blog! Yall are so cute! Can't wait to meet baby Pokorny!

Melissa said...

So awesome! I bet you are so anxious. I was ready to have N at 30 weeks. Done and ready. But I am glad he waited. HA!