May 24, 2010

Busy Weekend

Well, we had a great but busy weekend yet again. Friday night some wonderful girls from our life group at church threw me a diaper dinner! I was so touched that they took the time to shower us with many diapers, wipes, bath items and much more! We had yummy mexican food and bluebell sundaes for dessert... yumm!!! Thanks again to everyone who could attend, we are truly blessed to have found such a great life group and we can't wait for many more fun times and all the babies that will be joining it this year!

Saturday, my mom and I and baby Charlotte went to Sugarland for a sweet friends baby shower. My sister was one of the hostesses and everything was so beautiful and cute! I forgot my camera again so I have no pictures, but we hope Liz and baby Isabella got everything they needed and more. Liz is due a few weeks after me with a girl. Can't wait until she arrives, she will be one beautiful baby! After the shower, we drove back to my parents and Chad met us there since he had been golfing in the neigborhood. We ate takeout from Mel's and peach cobbler, so good. Then we all watched "The Blindside", such a good movie. I don't know what it is about Saturday nights, but all during the movie I was having some pretty strong braxton hicks. My mom started timing them and I think was getting pretty antsy thinking it might be the real thing! We went home that night and I slept pretty good considering.

Sunday we went to church and then to Cafe Express for lunch, I was craving a club sandwich and sweet potato fries. We went home and relaxed in the pool then went to Chad's parents to celebrate his Momma's birthday. I again had lots of braxton hicks and my feet were sooo swollen yesterday and haven't really improved much since. I am getting pretty uncomfortable and I am getting more and more ready for Graham to arrive, and so is everyone else!

I definitely have everyone on pins and needles, when I called my sister yesterday she answered with "Are you in labor?!" and today I called my mom and the first thing she asked was "Is everything ok?" Ha! I hope Graham doesn't keep us on our toes too much longer. There is a full moon on Thursday, so we are wondering if that will put me into labor. We shall see! I go to my weekly doctor's appointment tomorrow and I am really hoping I have started to dialate. We are ready when you are baby Graham!

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