May 16, 2010

False Alarm

Well, this weekend ended up being pretty eventful. We went to a get-together that just happened to be a few doors down from my parents house on Saturday evening. While we were there, I continued to have lots of braxton hicks and pressure, then started to have a lower back ache. We ended up going over to my parents house so I could lay down and relax. When the contractions/pressure/back ache got worse and was coming and going, everyone decided I should call the doctor. The on-call doctor said I should go to labor and delivery at the hospital and get checked out just in case.

Chad and I headed over to the hospital, I was pretty nervous, but Chad was so excited he was bouncing off the walls. The contractions were about 5 minutes apart at this point.

We got to the hospital, and headed up to L&D and they had me fill out some paperwork, then took us to a room where I changed into a gown, got a monitor strapped on me, checked to see if I was dialated and monitored me for awhile. I ended up not being dialated still, but she said I was 60% effaced. I had a couple of real contractions while I was being monitored but most of them she said weren't the real thing. She actually showed us a comparison of what I was feeling and what a real contraction is (when the woman was 9cm) and mine were teeny tiny compared to hers, which were off the charts. Not looking forward to feeling a real contraction. They sent us home with two ambien so I could get some sleep.

I am glad that he is staying put for now, but I feel like now the time will drag on until he's born. We are defnitely prepared for it to happen anytime though. We have the bags packed, the carseat installed, and I've washed the blankets, bedding, and some of his clothes and pajamas. We go to the doctor tomorrow afternoon, so I am anxious to see if I have made anymore progress. I am hoping that I have because I am just so excited to meet him.


Mike and Suzi :) said...

Glad they gave you something to help you sleep!

The Sweatman Family said...

A few more weeks Bren- its still too early!! The lungs aren't mature yet...keep him in there!!

bcfamily said...

That's funny because I had a false alarm and went to the hospital at 35 weeks too. Glad everything is okay.

Melissa said...

Wow, false alarms are so draining. It's almost as if you get a let down. But you want him in there for a bit longer. Stay strong!