June 2, 2010

Bed Rest

Well, we had our weekly dr. appt. today, and it turned into quite the ordeal. First of all, in addition to all the swelling in my legs, ankles and feet I have also had a mild headache since Saturday that won't go away even with tylenol. I thought it was b/c we were out in the sun for a long time on Saturday, but it can be a sign of preeclampsia, so the doctor was a little concerned. I also haven't been feeling Graham move that much the last couple of days, so he sent me to get monitored to make sure everything was ok. I also had elevated blood pressure and a trace of protein in my urine (which he said I've had for the past few weeks). Anyway, we got sent to L&D at the hospital to monitor my blood pressure. He was basically looking for a reason to induce me today or tomorrow if the baby seemed to be in distress. Luckily, the baby is doing great, but I am now on bedrest until Monday at least. If I haven't gone into labor on my own by then, and I am favorable for induction, he will induce me either Tuesday or Wednesday of next week.

I am pretty bummed about being on bedrest. I know a lot of women are on it for a lot longer than me though, so I'm sure I can tough it out. Chad will take good care of me and he has promised to stock me up with magazines and a book I've been wanting to read. Hopefully I will go into labor on my own in the next few days! I have a feeling I might. Either way, as long as the baby is healthy and happy I can stand a few days of misery. The contractions I've been having pretty much suck, and I have a feeling laying around all day will make it worse. I have a lot of crampiness in my lower back, and lots of pressure. Oh, we had an ultrasound and the baby is measuring 7 lbs. 5 oz. and he is head down but face up. They said most babies turn during labor, so I am not too worried at this point. Keep us in your prayers, and hopefully we will meet Graham Edward very soon!

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