June 8, 2010

Going Home!!

Saturday afternoon we were released from the hospital. Chad's parents met us at the hospital to help us get home since we had so much stuff with us. We were glad to get home, but it was nice to have professionals always around whenever we had a question! On the way home, Chad's parents said they'd never seen Chad drive so slow, ha!

His parents stayed for awhile and we took a nap while Chad's mom helped do some laundry and dishes and organize the apartment a little since I was on bedrest Wednesday and couldn't get anything done before we left for the hospital.

After our nap, we took Graham over to my parents to say hi since it was Charlotte's first birthday party that day. We missed most of the party, but they saved some presents for Charlotte to open so we could see. The party looked absolutely adorable, and we were sad we missed it.

Mer volunteered to spend then night with us, and she was a humongous help. Mr. Graham had a little bit of a rough night but has done pretty good the past two nights. Chad's mom spent the night on Sunday night and my mom stayed last night. They haven't really had to help us out at night though. Graham has been waking up about every 2 hours to nurse and then falls asleep while nursing. He only cries when his diaper is wet or dirty and when he is hungry. Usually we can calm him down pretty quick too. He is such a good baby!!

Chad is an amazing daddy too. He has helped me with everything. He keeps track of Graham's feedings, diaper changes and my pain medicine. We had an aweosme marriage before but having a baby together has brought us so much closer on such a new level. It is really amazing. He keeps saying how he didn't know he could love me more than he did but going through this has made him love me in a whole new way. We have both been pretty emotional the past few days. I am so incredibly fortunate to have married him, and I could not have picked a better father for my baby. Life will never be the same in the best way possible....


The Sweatman Family said...

I love the driving slow part :)

Melissa said...

Oh how nice. Having family around to help goes such a long way. He is really just too cute. Congrats!