July 15, 2010

6 Weeks Old!!

How is it possible my baby is already 6 weeks old? He just gets cuter everyday. He cracks us up with all the cute and funny faces he makes. He is so animated, it is hilarious. He is still a laid-back boy but I am learning he gets pretty cranky if he doesn't get good naps in! I think we are passing up the stage where he can sleep good anywhere. He will still nap when I take him out with me, but he always seems to get the best naps in his swing. We learned the secret to swaddling success the other day with "escape proof swaddling" you can youtube it. He can't get his arms out in this one and it helps him sleep better. He loves it. He is already addicted to his paci too. He is getting so big. He graduated to the 1 diapers a few weeks ago and he is fitting into his 0-3 month clothes now. He still fits in most of the newborn outfits but some he has definitely out grown. He gets more rolls and chub everyday and I love it. He really likes bath time for the most part now that he can be more submerged. He is doing great nursing too. I haven't supplemented with formula at all and I hope I can keep it up. Next week I should get a pump and that will be nice to have Chad be able to feed him sometimes so Mommy can take a break ;) Happy 6 weeks Graham-y Momma and Daddy love you so much!!!


M & M said...

Do you have a sling? That is what I found was a lifesaver when D would not sleep "just anywhere" anymore. He would sleep in it while I roamed about--in house or out.

Melissa said...

He is precious. I love the 6 week picture as well.