July 28, 2010

Under the weather

Not that you could tell by these pictures I took today, but Graham is sick....

Well, it has been an eventful few days at the Pokorny house. We took Graham to the doctor Monday and my poor baby has his first cold! He has a little cough now and then and a stuffy nose and his poop has gone from mustard color to green which really had me freaked out since he is exclusively breastfed. The doctor said not to worry about the color, though. It will go back to normal after he gets better. Daddy most likely gave him the cold last week. Last night I took his temperature and it was 99. I feel so bad that my baby is sick. He is acting happy as usual and eating well just a little more sleepy so hopefully it is just a mild cold. Although, the doctor said it could get worse before it gets better. Our regular pediatrician was out of town but the doctor we saw was really nice and just told us to get little noses nose spray and use it before every other feeding as needed. He seems to be doing fine, just sleeping a little more. I hate that my baby is sick, I can't wait until he is back to his normal, healthy self!! Also, he weighed 10 lbs. 3 ounces! He gained 2 lbs. in a month when the normal weight gain is 1 lb. in a month. I was so proud!! :)

I also have mastitis for the 2nd time. Monday I had a fever and could barely leave the couch except to take care of Graham. He was a sleepy boy that day, though because of his cold. That afternoon before we took Graham to the doctor I figured out I probably had mastitis again and my doctors office called me in an antibiotic right away. Then yesterday I went in and got a shot so I feel a lot better. They did an ultrasound on my breast to make sure there was no fluid since it was sooo tender. There wasn't thank goodness, if there was they would have to take a needle and draw out the fluid!!! Awful!!! I just hope I don't end up getting this a lot. I heard some women are prone to them, ugh!!! Say a prayer that Graham and I are on the mend!!

Oh, also I forgot to mention Sunday night Graham's grandparents watched him for the first time! Me and Chad got a date night and went to the movies. I started feeling bad during the movie and also was so sad to leave Graham. If I had known he had a cold then I definitely wouldn't have left him, but he did great. Had his first bottle of pumped milk and took it with ease. My Mom said he thought it was a pacifier at first ;) I couldn't wait to get home to him but hopefully I will get more comfortable leaving him, because I think it's important for Chad and I to have some time alone, and we have no lack of babysitters with our family ;) !!

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