September 2, 2010

Our baby laughed!!!

Graham has giggled a few times, but it is fleeting and never a lot at one time. Well, today he really cracked up and it was SO cute!! I was holding him in front of the mirror in the bathroom and was bouncing him up and down (kind of like I was pretending I was gonna drop him) and making silly noises and he laughed several times, and when I laughed too, he laughed even more!! It was so precious, I started tearing up, HA! He has the most adorable chuckle, I told him he needs to do that way more than cry ;) Although, we are told his cry is pretty cute too! I wanted to go ahead and post this, so I didn't get sidetracked, but when Daddy gets home fromworking out, we'll try to get it on video and post it. And here's a pic of Graham in his camo pants just because ;)

1 comment:

Melissa said...

This was one of my favorite moments and still is. I love when N laughs! He does it a lot now. He thinks momma is the funniest person too!

Graham is so adorable. I wish we could see him.