September 7, 2010

Pokorny Family Reunion 2010

This weekend we went to New Braunfels to celebrate Chad's Grandmother's 80th birthday. She is such an amazing woman. It was a surprise for her, and she was shocked when she opened the door on Saturday morning. Everyone had such a great time. Chad's family his huge and almost every person came. Gamme (Chad's Grandma) has 4 kids, 12 grandkids, and 12 great-grandkids (not including 2 on the way!). Chad's aunt and cousins made a slideshow of her life and we all watched it together, there were not many dry eyes in the room. We all got a copy afterward which was so sweet. I am so glad to be a part of this amazing family. I feel like I have been a part of it my whole life, not just 2 years. That's what is so great about this family. We had such a good time, and Graham did awesome. We even got to float the river with everyone while Chad's parent's babysat Graham. Graham was quite a hit with everyone, especially all the kids. Chad's cousin Laney, was all about Graham and Chad. She kept calling Chad "Mr. Kissy Face" I asked him who he kissed and she said "You! When you got married!" Haha so funny. When we said bye to her she told me " Bye, don't kiss your husband!" Haha, I better watch out!! She said Graham was so cute all the time and that he had "big, googely eyes" she is such a character. The last night we were there a bunch of us stayed up late and played Apples to Apples and cracked up the whole time. It was so fun. Thank you to everyone for an amazing weekend, we can't wait to do it again!!

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The Sweatman Family said...

Such a cute new family photo!

Melissa said...

That first photo of G smiling so big is greatness.

I also love his little hat. What a little model.