September 30, 2010

Weekend in Pictures

Graham's Great Grandmother (Chad's Grandma) she watched Graham while we went house hunting Friday. Thanks, Maw!!

Graham, Maw and his great Aunt Jennifer

Graham and his Great Grandfather
Loves his fingers!

When we got to my parents hous Saturday, we learned that Mer and I had both dressed our babies in overalls and we were both wearing jeans, scarves and white shirts, ha!

Me and my little man!

Mer was getting ready to leave for a bachelorette party and Charlotte was not happy about it!

Wearing Daddy's hat

We got to visit Aunt Riss while she was in town from Chicago

We went up to Tommy Bahamas at Market Street to visit. Mr. Graham had a slight meltdown while we were there! While I was bouncing G on my knee, trying to calm him down and eat and drink with the other hand, we realized how much life has changed in the past few years! HA! Miss you Auntie Riss, so good seeing you!

Clarissa's sister Jess finally got to meet Mr. Graham too!! Overall it was a great weekend!!!

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