October 3, 2010

4 Months Old

Happy 4 months, Graham!!! This month has been so fun. Graham is doing so many new and fun things every day and he is so aware of everything now. My little newborn has grown into a baby! After church today, we took him to the park and had a picnic and just relaxed. It was such a gorgeous day, perfect weather!!! Here are some of the things Graham has been up to this month:

Rolled from tummy to back a few times
Still isn't a fan of tummy time
Laughs out loud
Loves when I do raspberries on his feet and tummy
Laughs when he gets tickled (new development this week!)
Has been sleeping through the night for 2 months now!
Started teething also waking up during the night  :( (just started that this week)
Watches me when I come into the room or leave the room
Loves grabbing his feet and eating his fists/fingers (probably due to teething)
Holds his head steady all the time
Holds head steady when he is raised from laying to sitting
Talking up a storm (makes the funniest noises)
Trying to sit up
Bucks when he doesn't want to be buckled in his carseat
Eyebrows are getting darker
Loves looking at himself in the mirror (or as we call it "that cute baby in the mirror" haha)
Still loving the paci & not weened from the swaddle just yet

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KatieO said...

hi! LOVE the video of graham laughing on facebook. let me know how the chili turns out!