October 16, 2010

Chad's Birthday!!

On October 16th, Chad turned 25!!!! We were in Baton Rouge for my cousins wedding, so we celebrated on Monday when he got home from work. It seems for the past few years, when Chad's birthday comes around, we are always on the threshold of some major life-change, and he forbids me to get him anything ( I do anyway of course)!! On his 23rd birthday, we were strapped because we were getting married in 3 weeks, and had spent lots of money on wedding expenses. Last year, we had just found out I was pregnant, and this year, we are in the midst of buying our first house!! So, I decided to attempt to make him one of his favorite meals, chicken and dumplings and his favorite dessert, molten chocolate cake. It turned out pretty good! The following Friday, we celebrated with Chad's family, and went over to his parents for pizza and cake. Everyone chipped in and got him a lawn mower for the house, how nice! Next year I decided I'm doing it up big for his birthday, no matter what!!!! (He doesn't read our blog so don't tell ;) Happy Birthday, baby!!! You are the best husband and daddy in the world and we love you more than you could ever know!!!!!!

The homemade molten chocolate cake

Pizza party at Chad's parents

Chad's Momma made him a chocolate cake and I decorated it ;)

It's Daddy's party and I'll cry if I want to ;)

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Melissa said...

Hahah! Sweet boy crying...

Happy Birthday, Chad!

PS It always happens around Aaron's birthday as well.