October 28, 2010

Graham meets Grandaddy!!!

Last weekend, we took a trip up to my Aunts and Uncles near Austin. We had a joint birthday celebration for my Mom and Grandaddy (My Momma's Dad) and Chad. My Mom and Grandaddy have birthdays just a day apart. I rarely get to see my Grandaddy and he has never met Graham. Grandaddy is living in an Assisted Senior Living Community in my Aunts and Uncles town. He is turning 87 today!! He has dimensia and I know he has trouble remembering everybody these days. He is in pretty good health other than that, though, and he seemed to be doing good this weekend. The place where he lives is really nice, and I was glad we finally go to see it on Sunday before we headed home.

Snoozing away on the way there

Meeting his Great-Grandpa!!

Charlotte wasn't into taking a picture... I just love how all 3 of them are looking at her!

Sticking out the tongue!

Chad opening a b-day present

Graham LOVED being outside in the swing, it was his fav spot all weekend

Graham got Charlottes excersaucer.. he loves it and is so good playing with all of the toys!!!!!!! It's sooo cute!!! He is a smart baby!!

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Melissa said...

Oh! Cherish those moments with the grandparents. I miss my grandpa who passed a week after Noah was born and only got to meet him once.Your grandpa looks very happy to see you all!