October 13, 2010

My little punkin' at the pumpkin patch!

Saturday evening we ventured out to the pumpkin patch for some classic fall pictures. The weather was beautiful (as it has been these past couple weeks...too bad today it is back up to 90 degrees!) First, we got in line to ride the train and when we realized we needed tickets some nice stranger said we could have 2 of his, how nice! The train was fun, and I think Graham liked it. Then we took some pictures with the hay barrell turkey and pumpkins, and goats and picked out our pumpkin. We ended up seeing Chad's cousin Dustin and his family there. They are the ones with the daughter who calls Chad Mr. kissy lips. She also is obsessed with Mr. Graham...too cute! It was a fun little outing, and Graham is so curious these days, it's fun to take him to new places.


Melissa said...

Oh how fun. We are going to one this Saturday. He's a handsome boy.

bcfamily said...

Graham is so adorable, Bren. Love all the cute pictures!