November 1, 2010

The Great Pumpkin

Yesterday was our baby's very first Halloween! We spent the morning at church since it was Sunday, then headed home to feed Graham and get him down for a nap. Graham had a record long nap!!! Thank goodness we have a video monitor, because I probably would've woken him up peeking in his room to make sure he was still breathing! After his nap, we got ready and headed to our church again, because they were having their annual Fall Festival. We met up with Chad's Mom there, and found our friends Jamie and Eric and their boys. Their baby was born 2 days before Graham, and he and Graham are best buds :) It was sooo packed at the festival, we ended up leaving after only 30 minutes or so. We then stopped by Chad's Grandparent's house so they could see Mr. Graham before we headed to my parents for dinner and trick or treating. We had a delicious dinner of grilled chicken, baked potatoes, green beans and homemade icecream.... yumm...they tend to spoil us when we come over!!! We helped my parents hand out candy and took Graham to some of their neighbors, he was a big hit... of course! I really think he liked wearing his costume, he got happy whenever we put him in it. I have to say he was the cutest pumpkin I'd ever seen :) Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!! I can't believe it is now November.... I think we are definitely overdue for our Fall weather (goodbye 88 degree days, please!!!!)

Our precious pumpkin!!

Graham and Grandma

Me and Jamie with our penguin (Ayden) and pumpkin :)

Best buds!

Soo cute!!

Maw, Chad, Grandad and Graham


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He is the cutest pumpkin I have ever seen. Glad you guys had a good night. :)