December 30, 2010

White Elephant Party

Every year the ladies on the Pokorny side of the family get together for a White Elephant gift exchange. My first time to go was last year, and it is so much fun.This year I ended up getting a cute sign for the yard and 2 Christmas coffee mugs. The star of the night was Mr. Grayson who was born on December 3rd. This group loves them some babies! Everyone was trying to get their hands on the little guy! His older sister's were the twins I watched before Graham was born. He and Graham are exactly 6 months apart, to the day!

He was so mellow!

Little bitty baby feet

Grayson's mommy Val on the left, and her sister Gaynor on the right.


Chad's Mom and Aunt Debbie

Carrie and I (Chad's cousins girlfriend)

Grayson with his Momma

This chick does not look like she gave birth 2 weeks ago!!

So sweet

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