January 2, 2011

Christmas Eve: Part III

After we left Gamme's, Chad's parents, Kara and David and Maw and Grandad all came over to our new house and we exchanged gifts with them. It was so fun having everyone over to our house. I tried to put Graham to bed, but he wanted to stay up, so we let him. He just doesn't want to miss a thing. He got lots of presents, he must've been a very good baby this year!

We made Chad's Mom a calendar, got her a shirt from the Gap, and a "Brothers" Willow Tree figurine

Taste testing the Johnny Jump Up

We got Chad's dad a UT fishing shirt

Graham got his first Astro's hat from Aunt Kara and Uncle David (among a bunch of other adorable things)


Sweet Maw

Figuring out this present unwrapping business

He's a fast learner ;)

Checking out his new walker! He has a little more growing to do

Saying goodnight to everyone

I just love those little bitty baby legs!! Look at that chunk!!

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