January 4, 2011

Christmas Morning!!

The boys getting up, Graham was excited for his first Christmas!!

Graham found his presents all by himself!

Graham was a very good baby this year!! He got lots of clothes, pajamas, books and toys. Santa got him a book called "I love you, Mommy" Santa must've known what a big Mama's boy Graham is ;)

Chad must've been good this year! He got a cashmere sweater, Lots of under armor itmes (a beanie, shirt, undies, socks, pants)  Under shirts, dress socks, and the Easton Corbin CD

I got banana rebublic shoes and Juicy sweatpants and sweatshirt

 I made monkey bread and eggs and coffee for breakfast

Mmmm perfect end to a perfect Christmas morning!!


The Sweatman Family said...

You guys are all so cute! Looks like a great Christmas!! What is monkey bread? Mind sharing.... :)

Melissa said...

Brenden, you guys are so great. What a perfect little family. Graham is so freaking smiley. I love it! Happy New Year, love!