January 1, 2011

Graham Meets Santa

The day before Christmas Eve we finally got to take Graham to meet Santa. We decided to take him to Market Street in The Woodlands, because we heard the line was much shorter. Of course, when we got there, Santa was on a break, so we grabbed some burgers at Johnny Rockets while we waited. Then, we stood in line for around 20-30 minutes. I was positive Graham would cry as soon as I handed him to Santa since he cries most of the time when I give him to someone, but just like the true ham that he is, he was all smiles for the camera!!

Waiting in line, he was being so funny and cute (as always)

Graham with his Momma

We decided to take some pictures in front of the Christmas Tree

The picture we snapped

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Bassi said...

Look at those smiles. He is sooo cute, Brenden. Adorable.