January 31, 2011


Graham said his first word...yep, you guessed it..... "Mama!" I am so proud. He started saying it last Monday while we were grocery shopping. We went in the evening and Chad came too to help out, since I was still feeling crappy. Chad was off getting something with the cart, and I was getting some baby food, and holding Graham when he said it. He has been practicing all week, and sometimes we'll say "Graham, say Mama!" and he'll just mouth it, so funny! He's defintely got it down pat now, though! We have it on video, so I will try to upload it tomorrow, along with some cute pictures from the weekend. But for now, this tired Mama is going to bed :)

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Christina Bassi said...

How sweet. Hopefully he doesn't do what Dominic did. He said mama early on then he stopped and wouldn't say it again till he was 18 months.