January 10, 2011

Pass the Peas Please!

Graham has been quite the little foodie lately :)  Last month, we started feeding him solids and started with homemade sweet potatoes. He wasn't a big fan at first, but now he likes everything! He is eating peas, peaches, pears, applesauce and carrots! He has also learned to feed himself Gerber Puffs (apple cinnamon flavor) I am so proud of him! He eats oatmeal with formula for breakfast, sometimes mixed with a fruit, for lunch a jar of veggies and jar of fruit and dinner a jar of veggies and jar of fruit and Gerber Puffs for dessert! I can't wait to see how much he weighs at his next Dr. appointment. I am hoping he will be in a higher percentile weight. I don't think he goes back until 9 months though.

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Melissa said...

Food was always the best experience with N. He would eat anything. Now that he is getting older he still does. Though sometimes he requires trying it a few times, over and over.

I hope you have been documenting the mess. It was a lot to deal with since I have OCD about that kind of stuff.