January 29, 2011

Rescue, 911

Well, we had quite the eventful night last night. We were heading out the door to meet some friends for dinner to celebrate their engagement. I was making a bottle and snacks to go for Graham, and Chad said he would put Graham in the car. As I was about to walk into the garage, I hear Chad say "Babe, the car is locked and Graham's inside with the keys." Chad says I should've seen my face, it went white as a ghost and was a 50/50 split between being really mad, and completely panicked. I started pulling on all the handles and the trunk while telling Chad we don't have a spare key! He didn't realize this, and we both started freaking out. I was yelling at him to call someone and he didn't know who, so I grabbed my phone and called 911. They sent a cop and ambulance right away (ambulance is standard procedure, they said) Graham was fine at this point, just sitting strapped into his carseat waiting for us. I think he started to realize something was wrong pretty quick and he began crying. The cop and paramedics were super nice and joking with us telling us how this happens all the time. I didn't leave the car window and we tried to make Graham laugh and tell him everything was ok and he'd be out soon. Thankfully, the weather was nice and temperature was in the high 60's.We were waiting FOR FREAKING EVER for the wrecker to get there, and after about 15-20 min, we all decided to see if we could get the door unlocked ourselves. We ended up getting it open with a clothes hanger after multiple attempts. I whipped that door open faster than you can imagine when that lock popped open. Graham was crying through the whole ordeal, but calmed right down once he was back in our arms. The wrecker finally showed up right as we got him out. We ended up being over an hour late to dinner, but our sweet friends waited for us. We will be getting a spare key made today!!


The Sweatman Family said...

What a CRAZY, HECTIC ordeal!! I can't imagine what I would do. Good job at staying calm and entertaining Graham ;)

p.s. how did you do your signature like that? I want one ;)

Christina Bassi said...

Funny story. I'm sure not while it was happening. I always worry about that. I think I would of busted the window open. Glad you got in with no damages.

Jalei & Lane said...

What a horrible feeling! I'm so glad, everything ended up ok. Good thing babies Graham's age don't remember events like this!