January 7, 2011

Twenty Eleven: New Years Eve!

We decided to have some good friends over to our new house to help us ring in the new year!! Jamie and Eric's baby, Ayden, is 2 days older than Graham. The boys spent most of the night trying to get to sleep and stay asleep with all the fireworks popping outside. The other 2 couples are both expecting baby boys in February! We had a fun night playing with the babies, playing catch phrase, eating, talking, and popping fireworks. Perfect way to start the New Year!!

Graham with his New Years hat

Ayden with his New Years hat

So cute!!!!

"Ayden, Dude, you've got something on your head..."

"Let me get that for you"

"What is that?" LoL

Jamie and Graham

Eric with the babies

Kelley and Jared

Jerry and Nicole

Playing catch phrase

The Girls

Can you tell our hands are supposed to be "2011" 
The Boys

Kelley, Me, Chad and Jared

Kelley and Chad

Jared and I

Eric and Jamie

Jerry and Nicole

Graham happened to wake up just before midnight, so everyone told me to bring him outside so he wouldn't miss his first New Years

 Our little family... can you believe 9 years ago on New Years Eve at midnight, Chad and I had our very first kiss!

Happy New Year!!!!!

The preggo girls (with Landon and Corbin), due a week apart!


Melissa said...

OMG! That top picture of G with the hat is HILARIOUS!! You should frame that one.

You look good. I am glad you have so many friends with children around the same age. It helps a lot. Most of my friends are older and their kids are older. I need to find some kids close to N's age so we can have play dates.

The Pokornys said...

I know!!! He looks like a little Chinese man!! Haha! It does help a ton to have friends with kids. Look for a library near by with a baby time, we go to one on Mondays and I have met some nice Mom's there.