January 16, 2011

Weekend Pictures

We (finally) had a weekend with hardly any plans. We spent Saturday hanging out around the house, and took our first walk through the neighborhood as a fam. Chad and I have both taken Graham for walks seperately, but this is the first time all 3 of us went together. Then Chad took my car in to get the tires replaced. After he got home, our sweet realtor, dropped by a lovely housewarming gift for us! Then we met Traci and Carl and baby Tripp for dinner. Sunday Graham came down with a fever and cough and hasn't kicked it yet. Hopefully he will be better soon. I took him to the doctor yesterday and he said it's just got to run its course, and to just watch and make sure his fever doesn't spike or he is having labored breathing. Poor baby, hate that he's sick :( So much is going around right now, seems like everyone is sick!!!! Enjoy these pictures of our weekend!


Melissa said...

What is Chad doing to the stroller wheel?

He looks like a Chad jr with that hat backwards.


The Pokornys said...

He was airing up the tires, lol Yeah he does look like a mini-Chad!

Christina Bassi said...

I love the backward hat pictures. They crack me up.