February 3, 2011

8 Months!!

Well, our little man is 8 months old. That sounds so big!! Lots has been happening around here, and Graham is learning so many new things. When he learns something new, it's like he has tunnel vision, and he practices it over and over and over. Such a smart baby! He is still such a joy and  cuddle bug. Still a big-time Momma's boy, but gets SO excited when he spots Daddy come into the room. Here's what our little sweetie has been up to this month:

-Eating 3 solid meals a day (breakfast -oatmeal, lunch -jar of fruit and jar of veggie, dinner- same with Gerber puffs for dessert!)

-This is a big development... this month Graham has pretty much weaned off nursing. So sad, I know! We gave him formula for the first time in December, and we noticed he spit up much much less. After that, we started feeding him a formula bottle before bed, and sometimes during the day if I wasn't around b/c we were SO busy in December. It's kind of progressed from there, and I am really sad that I won't be nursing him until 12 months, but I have come to be ok with it, and let some of the guilt go. His percentile in height and weight hasn't changed as of last doctor's visit (still 6th percentile) so I am happy it wasn't a supply problem. I hope our next baby isn't as big of a spitter and hopefully I'll be able to nurse for the full 12 months. He's on an organic powder formula, and eats 8 oz. in the morning two 6oz. bottles during the day and an 8oz. bottle at night with sometimes a snack 4-6oz bottle thrown in there during the day.

-Still takes a paci
-Says Mama and has said Dada a few times
-Rocking on hands and knees and working very hard on crawling
-can go from tummy to sitting (kind of, hasn't learned to push up to go to a full sitting postion)
-Sitting up fairly well, but still topples over quite a bit. I think he just wants to practice crawling so he doesn't have the patience to just sit!
-Wearing size 6-9 month clothes
-Wearing size 3 diapers
-Getting more hair, especially around the sides.
-Defintely has his eye color... hazel!!!!!! They are so pretty and change with what  he's wearing. I'm so surprised because I really always assumed my kids would have brown eyes like me!
-Gets scared easily. It's so sad!!!! (and kind of funny, he's quite the drama king...shocking, I know ;)
-Finger's crossed, the past week naps and bedtime have been awesome! Hate to jinx it by talking about it, but naps have been longer ( an hour and a half at least) and nighttime has been great with no middle of the night wakings and waking up for the morning around 7!!! Woohoo!!!!

Graham, you are the absolute light of our lives, and there are no words to explain how much joy and love you've brought to us. We know that the Lord has a wonderful plan for your life and we pray that He is leading  us to raise you to be a strong, loving, happy person that loves God before all else. You are so precious to us, baby boy.

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