February 15, 2011

Valenitne's Day & Daytrip to Kemah

Sunday we decided to head down to Kemah! Chad had never been and we wanted to do something special for Graham's first Valentine's Day :) It was an absolutely beautiful day. Perfect for spending it by the beach. First, we ate lunch at the Aquarium restaurant and had lots of yummy seafood and for dessert we had the chocolate shark attack (which took 20 minutes b/c they make it fresh, but didn't taste as good as our favorite dessert molten chocolate cake from Chili's) Then we walked around the pier, took a ride on the train and ended the day by getting some coffee and I'm ashamed to say it, a funnel cake. We think Graham had a good time, and he was passed out the whole way home.


Christina Bassi said...
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Christina Bassi said...

When you said the Aquarium I though the one downtown. The one at Keham is so much more fun. I just love the ocean and it looks like you guys had a beautiful day too. We felt the same way; nothing has beaten the molten. That thing is a piece of heaven! Any time we drive by a Chili's Dominic wants to stop and get one. He knows what good is too. :)