February 27, 2011

Our Week Out of Town

This week, Chad had to go to Kansas City on business. I decided I was going to take this time to visit my sister and her family in ATX. We all left Tuesday, Chad in the morning, and G and I in in the early afternoon. I was a little nervous about my first solo roadtrip with Graham, but the ride up went off without a hitch :) On Wednesday, G and I met our friend Jake in San Marcos for lunch. I got lost on the way there and back and to top it off got a speeding ticket (awesome.) We had a good lunch though, and Jake went with me and Graham to cruise the outlets. I ended up getting a Bambi stuffed animal for Graham and Nemo for Charlotte. (Her favorite movie right now is Finding Nemo, although she ended up being just as enamored with the Princess bag it came in, ha!) Graham and Charlotte had big fun together, it was so cute watching them play. They are gettting to the age where they can interact, and it's so much fun. They took baths together every night and were really sweet towards eachother. We headed home on Friday and Chad got home that night. So nice having my hubby home. I really feel for my friends whose husbands are gone a lot, that must be so hard. It's just not the same without "Dada" around.

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