March 27, 2011

Day Trip to Galveston

Saturday was so much fun. We decided to take Graham to Galveston to show him the beach for the first time. The trip started off great with a quick trip to Walmart before we left town for some beach towels and beach toys for G. On the way down we didn't hit any traffic. When we got to the beach, we got G out and put him in his stroller; we knew he was really excited because he started kicking his feet, so cute. We found a nice spot on the beach and had a little picnic with sandwiches, chips, string cheese and fruit. We just let Graham explore the beach towel with his new toys. He was loving it. We dipped his feet in the water, but it was pretty chilly so he wasn't a fan. It was a beautiful day, not too hot and not too cold, with just enough clouds.

After we hit the beach, we went to see Hotel Galvez. It's a beautiful 100 year old hotel, and it's supposedly haunted. I'd been once before, but Chad hadn't so we explored the hotel and talked to some of the staff who told us some ghost stories. They are having their 100 year anniversary celebration on June 10th, it sounded like fun. The hotel lobby is amazing, but the rooms are just so-so. They're fine, but not anything special, really. For the price, not sure if we'd ever stay there.

After the hotel, we went to The Strand and grabbed something to eat at The Harbor House restaurant, we sat on the back deck and watched the huge ships in the harbor. Then we went to La King's and ate some yummy icecream, where Graham passed out from the fun-filled day. We took that as a hint that we should head home. Such a great day!!!


The Sweatman Family said...

So fun!!! I LOVE that old timey photo of Graham on Chad's shoulders looking at the water!!!

Melissa Edwards said...

How lucky you are to be so near the beach. What an awesome family outing. He is so frigging cute. Lucky!!