March 15, 2011

Graham's First Rodeo

Saturday was a beautiful day, so we loaded up the little man and hit the road, rodeo bound. We had a great time and so did Graham. This kid loves being out and about. He didn't even take any kind of substantial nap and he was happy as a clam the whole time. I think he is just so social, that he loves looking at people and smiling at them and taking it all in. He is really at such a wonderful stage. We joke that he's our perfect "starter baby" because he is so good. We saw the cows, pigs, chickens, bunnys and my personal favorite, the pig(let ) races. We ate some good 'ole fashioned rodeo food, including fried oreos. I told Chad before we left I had to get some kind of crazy bad- for- you rodeo food, and even though he acted disgusted that I would order such a thing, he ended up eating half of the oreos.

Me and my baby
Daddy and Graham
Checking out the pigs
Not a fan!
Sleepy Swine
Those were the weirdest cows, they looked like camels
Our fam!
Hitchin' a ride
Graham loved the trucks and tractors... he is all boy!!
Infamous fried oreos
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pig races
After the rodeo, we headed off to Chad's brother's house for a crawfish boil. My bestie Kirby and her fiance met us there too, so fun! Graham was a trooper again until his bedtime around 7:30, so we headed home. Great Saturday!
Graham and Aunt Kara
Kirby and Jerry
Gotta love the camo bib!
Kirby and I bestfriends since 2003 :)

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